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RP helps our customers move along the product development process from concept to getting their product into market. So we help customers no matter what stage they at to meet their end goal, which is a commercially successful product in the fastest time and the lowest cost possible. Our rapid prototyping factory is located in Shenzhen, China, so we can bring you tremendous cost savings (often as low as only half of what you would pay in the West).

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IP protection

With all the large prototyping bureaus sending their customer’s designs to the lowest bidder in China can the data be safe? The reality is very few prototyping companies around the world have any systems in place to protect your intellectual property. At RP Prototype Limited we take our customer’s confidentiality very seriously. In October 2013 we achieved our ISO 27001 and 9001 certification . ISO 27001 is a system for information/data management to enable security and traceability of data within our company.

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Prototyping and Low volume production

The whole reason for prototyping is to check the design or show potential customers and investors what the final product will be like. So why prototype in simulant materials used in 3D printing? RP can machine your parts out of a wide variety of real materials and then offer surface finishes so the your parts will look and feel the way you intended.

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High volume Production

RP Plastic has been built around our customers need for quality tooling and mouldings. Both tooling and moulding are managed in-house enabling us to closely manage the quality, materials used and timing of your parts. We provide Design For Manufacture (DFM) feedback on your design as an integral step in our quoting process. As we have a shared interest in ensuring you have parts which have been optimized for production.

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Automotive Launch specialists

RP have proven experience in assisting both OEM (Ford, Toyota, GM and Tesla) and Tier 1 automotive companies realise their scheduled builds. We work closely with our partners to ensure parts are correct and available ahead of each build. We provide support by offering a range of processes, including CNC, SLA and SLA, injection moulding, metal fabrication, stamping, wire bending and additional hardware.

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RP specialise in making prototypes to production quality levels. Our first strategy for controlling the quality is to do everything in house. Secondly we focus on controlling each step in the process and perform IPQC (In Process Quality Control – only possible if made in house) rather than relying on final inspection only. Due to the short lead times involved in rapid prototyping finding QC problems at the end before shipping is often too late. Thirdly we use only high quality materials from reputable distributers and manufacturers and most often imported. There are a lot of fake materials in China so the best way is to control quality is controlling the source (again only possible if not outsourced).

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